Mssenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines

When I was passing by the Daikaidori  Hyogo Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture by bicycle,

I saw a building for a moment.

At that moment, strangely

The regular list of exhaust ports in each room (I don’t know well) looked like a “face”

(It’s easy to understand if you zoom in on the picture).

This is! I thought so, so I took a picture in a hurry.

In this drawing,the “face” group is expressed in the sense of “children”.





Children who don’t have knowledge or judgment………




Anyway, I want them to grow up happily.


  1. 2022.4.10(SUN)ヘアドネーションを検討している人

  2. 時貞紀次(Noritsugu Tokisada)(1992-2076)

  3. ツバメ(Swallow)(1992-1992)

  4. ボーリング依存症

  5. 母と子

  6. 2022.4.11(Mon)5本指のクリスマスブーツ